Mad Maxy Giveaways Details


GRAND PRIZE: Maxy Build R1 Buggy Maxy will ride the buggy to you for the handoff! (If in California you must retrieve the buggy from the border with a flatbed or tow)
2nd PLACE: Maxy Pad Package: $100 gift card to Mad Maxy Merch bundled with various signed motorcycle parts per Maxy's choosing.
Requirements for entry: 
  1. Valid phone number, email, and address
Requirements to win GRAND PRIZE:
  1. Must have a driver's license
  2. Currently live in the United States
  3. Must be 18 years or older
Requirements to win 2nd place prize:
  1. Valid phone number, email, and address


FIRST Sign up for Mad Maxy Giveaways via: 

THEN gain entries by…


    • Mad Maxy Patreon

      • $5 Bronze = 10 Entries

      • $25 Silver = 50 Entries + 2x for every $1 spent on MaxyMerch

      • $100 Gold = 200 Entries + 3x for every $1 spent on MaxyMerch

      • $1000 Rust = 3000 Entries + 5x for every $1 spent on MaxyMerch

      • If you are a Patreon member, your entries from patreon, the shop, letters, and discord, will carry over each month of the giveaway for all of season 1 as long as you maintain your patreon membership.

    • Join Mad Maxy Discord

      • Top 5 members get 500 Entries

      • Top 6-20 members get 200 Entries

      • Top members will be locked in on May 1st 2025 at Midnight PST

      • Leaderboard is available at

    • Write a Letter

      • Rules:

        • For each qualified letter, you receive 10 Entries. You are able to send up to 50 letters. They cannot be duplicates and anything received after May 1st 2025 will not be counted.

      • Requirements:

        • Include Email Address associated with Entry Form

        • Hand Written

        • Single Spaced

        • 1 Page Minimum Length

        • Describe a reason(s) as to why you believe you are worthy for winning a Mad Maxy Giveaway.

    • Discord Minecraft Server Build Competition
    • The best build, voted by discord at the end of the giveaway will be awarded 200 entries. See discord for more info.
      • Mailing Address:

        • 16772 W Bell Rd #110, STE 110-141, Surprise, AZ 85374

        • Letters Received after May 1st 2025 will not be counted